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Welcome to Conscious Menopause

During menopause, hormones change and so do you, urging you to feel new things, see new things and want new things.
Life for a woman is about living through changes as we can’t escape our biology.

The question you may well ask is, change to what and how?
A difficult question to explore alone when your standing in that unknown territory called menopause wondering:

Why are my mood swings like a roller coast ride?
Why am I burning up with hot flushes and melting with night sweats?
Why has brain fog descended upon me, I just can’t think straight?
Where’s my libido gone, will I get it back, do I even care?
How do I manage my symptoms, my body is so unpredictable?
Why do I feel like I’ve run out of juice?
Why do I feel so irrelevant and invisible as a woman?

These are the questions women ask to live the change consciously and creatively.

Remember, menopause is the season of the in-between, after ‘mother’ before ‘crone’. Menopause is the time where a woman is called to birth a new self. Conscious Menopause is about living the change with you.


The workshop was a beautiful experience, it was clarifying and normalising.

Jenny Graham

I feel calmer but at the same time enlivened.

Heather King

They gave a soulful perspective of the changes women experience at menopause.

Caroline Lewis

Upcoming Workshops

Conscious Menopause workshops have been designed to meet you wherever you are on your menopause transition. It has been soulfully created to inform, assure and offer you strategies to transition with insight, vitality and renewal for the next phase of your life.

2 Day Workshop

1 Day Workshop

10:00 – 5:00 Saturday 26 August, Habitat in Hawthorn
AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Conscious Menopause program is not concerned with the ethical issues of using HRT or providing you with a medical model of solutions. We are not a replacement for medical advice. We provide the soul medicine that is missing and offer a complimentary approach. It’s about providing you with knowledge and creative processes to gain insight into the significance of your menopause.

Menopause – the second fertility

In this post I share how menopause is a time in a women’s life where she gives “birth to herself.” It’s her second fertility where she becomes more of who she is, fertile in potential, new ideas and self-expression as she labours and nurtures her way through this phase. Many of us appreciate that menopause is a mysterious and powerful time when a woman may feel like years go by with endings and wonder if there are new beginnings, feeling stuck in this land of the in-between. Perhaps life however has taught you that every significant phase may hold a sense of uncertainty, discomfort before the gifts are realized. Read more…

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