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Our Body – The Holder Of Sacred Space

Our Body – The holder of sacred space.

How many of us as women are in self-judgement of our body? We judge its shape, size, texture and its ability to keep pace with everything and everyone as we wilfully command it to be more and do more.

During the menopause transition we know that the body does change. There are hot flushes, weight gain, more wrinkles, dry skin, thinning hair, a foggy head (to name a few) and an unfamiliar sense of weariness and possible discontent with who we are. We may find our self looking in the mirror and asking “Is that really me and when did that happen?”

Yes, it is ‘the change’ as our mothers so rightfully called it. Not only does our body change but so to our mind and our spirit.

I believe that our physical body undergoes metamorphism to make space for our changing and growing spirit.

So the question we ask as women is “How will we live the change and accept the change?”

Mother Nature holds the soul medicine to help us honour our body as a sacred container for all that we are and all that we are becoming.

She wants to awaken us that during the menopause transition we need to allow our body to have limits and have the courage to say ‘no’ when it’s required. And to give ourselves daily doses of self-compassion as we muddle through the unknown territory of our body and our psyche.

Mother Nature is telling us that change brings challenge and discomfort but there is reward for the soul. Her message to us is that:

  • Our hot flushes provide the opportunity to burn away self-beliefs that no longer serves us and provides the fuel to ignite new passion.
  • Our tired body provides the opportunity to rest so that we can dream in our growing spirit to guide us for the second half of our life.
  • Our brain fog provides the opportunity to veil us from constant thinking so that we can move inward to connect with our heart and soul.
  • Our rounding shape is an expression of our growing and deepening wisdom.
  • Our mood swings are demanding us to say speak up, say no and set limits for what we are no longer able to accept.

How wise Mother Nature is to give us these messages so that we can make room for our growing spirit to provide the potency and potential for our second adulthood.sacred space body

So when you next look in the mirror what will you see and what will you say? Will you meet yourself with compassion and respect for the sacred container that is your body and acknowledge that the menopause transition is the opportunity to grow your spirit.

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