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Climate Change. The Planet is not the only thing that’s heating up!

Menopause: The Planet is not the only thing that’s heating up!

You’re probably experiencing your own climate change, in more ways than one. Irregularity of your cycles, irregularity of your sleep pattern, hot flushes, heat surges or night sweats, storming moods, eruption of past resentments, exhaustion, libido drought, desperation for hibernation, dampening brain fog, an intolerance to nonsense, against a whirlwind of unnamed yearnings. These are symptoms of menopause. Your hormones are fluctuating and so are you.

This blog identifies the symptoms and changes that occur during the menopause transition with tips to support you.No doubt you have noticed your internal environment is changing across all “terrains,” mind, body and spirit inviting transformation. It’s menopause, the change, the climacteric, the unnamed experience, a biological mystery. Welcome to your initiation into your second adulthood, your rebirth, your second coming made difficult in our western culture that worships youth and beauty.

No one said transformation was easy and simple. It’s a process, for there is life in death and death in life. It’s all part of the same cycle. As women, we understand well the cyclic nature of life and hopefully wise enough to work with it, not against it.

Menopause is your time to be kind to yourself, as you manage the labour of birthing a NEW SELF. Can you remember back to when you were pregnant with your child? You most likely experienced discomfort, found time to rest, to eat well, to nurture yourself, to prepare, to anticipate the new life you would bring into this world. Why should menopause be any different?

 This new “pregnancy” is less visible and less celebrated in our western world, we don’t have a wisdom culture to hold us as we transition or to acknowledge us as we pass through this rite of passage. It is up to us to declare this time and state our needs as we begin to raise the consciousness not only for older women but younger women, men and beyond. Our daughters of the future will thank us for that, as history has proven.

Let’s collectively declare that menopause is not a secret, it’s not a dirty word. It’s a significant and natural phase women experience. Have the courage to voice your needs as no one else will do it for you.

Perhaps it’s your time to;

  • Rest more
  • Have time to yourself
  • Reduce clutter in your life
  • Delegate more chores around the home
  • Trust your intuition when brain fog sets in
  • Appreciate that NO is a complete sentence
  • Create a better work life balance
  • Speak to someone professionally as past resentments come up
  • Pursue those creative interests you’ve put on hold
  • Have time to yourself
  • Give yourself permission not to feel responsible for everyone and everything
  • Have the bed to yourself every now and then
  • Eat vital food
  • Participate in exercise that you love and agrees with your body
  • Find a health ally that works for you

Your biology whether you like it or not is not about doing more of the same. It is actually calling you to change, calling you to reconnect with yourself, to revitalize and renew. So be kind to your mind, body and spirit, it’s your temple that holds the making of all that you are and all that you are becoming. Find “sisters” to share with as it’s a journey no woman should do it alone.

In the words of Germain Greer, “On these years depends the rest of your life, which maybe as long as the life you have already lived.”

Menopause Workshop

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