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Why Is Menopause A Dirty Word?

Menopause is Not a Dirty Word

We are living in the 21st century but you wouldn’t know it when you speak to women transitioning menopause. Menopause is not a dirty word, it’s not a secret, it’s not to be ignored or hushed as in our mother’s generation who tactfully used the expression, ‘the change.’ Yes, it is indeed the change but to who, how and why. Women today want to be informed, celebrated and honoured through this phase of their natural biological journey.

This is challenging in western culture where there is no rite of passage, where youth and beauty dominate and eldership is undervalued.


So what is menopause and what are the facts? Menopause is when you have ceased menstruating for 12 months and the average age of Australian women is 50-52. Peri-menopause is the time leading up to menopause occurring around mid to late 40’s when hormone levels are changing and a woman’s cycle becomes irregular.

Common symptoms are hot flushes, mood swings, anxiety, weight gain, fatigue, night sweats, brain fog to name a few.  The symptoms a woman experience is influenced by her general health, lifestyle, self-care and attitude to ageing. It can be uncomfortable and challenging and bring up “stuff” from the past; wounds, fears and issues.

At menopause a woman’s hormones change and so does she, urging her to feel new things, see new things and want new things. Life for a woman is about living through changes as she can’t escape her biology which affects her physically, spiritually and emotionally.

 Shifting the paradigm

As women today we are our more independent, educated and informed than our mothers’ generation. So why not honour the women who went before us and be the voice they never had? Change starts with us. Let’s begin shifting the paradigm to create a culture that can respectfully hold this significant transition and leave a healthy sacred legacy for our daughters of the future.

As women let’s have the conversations about menopause and support each other as we prescribe for our ‘sisters’ the soul medicine to:

  • Re-spark creativity
  • Re-evaluate what we want and don’t want
  • Reassure each other that we are not going crazy and this time will pass as we transition to a sense of wholeness
  • Reaffirm we are still gorgeous and sexy despite our drop in libido and changing body shape
  • Remove the “coulds” and the “shoulds” and start valuing our intuition
  • Refresh ourselves with rest, good food, exercise
  • Reinvent as we move from chaos to order in our thinking
  • Renew our feminine spirit as we find new zest for life
  • Reacquaint with passions and dreams
  • Remember the fun-loving girl still lives inside us
  • Reimagine the colourful vision once had (we’re even better resourced to live that)

It’s in connecting and being witnessed that we inspire each other. As women we have all lived part of each other’s story. Let’s help each other to write the next chapter as we prepare to birth a new self with the sisterhood to midlife us along the way.

Above all let’s celebrate our spirit. It is ageless and holds flair, creativity, passion rich in the resources of life we have gained along the way.

Take the challenge

Why not start now? Chat to your mum, sister, aunty and girlfriends to help the mystery of being a woman unfold.

Through creative collaboration, research and our own lived experience we designed the workshop where women can come together in a sacred space to be informed, laugh, cry and share what it means to be a woman transitioning menopause. Stay tuned for our upcoming workshops in 2018