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MENOPAUSE – what my mother never told me


What my mother never told me.

Menopause, how do we view it, live it and live through and beyond it? What was shared during your journey as a woman in this phase of life? What did our mothers tell us? Or should I ask what was it that our mothers never told us because they in fact did not know? Join our August workshop to understand the significance and wisdom of this transition.

In days past menopause was thought of as a deficiency, a disorder a disease. And fortunately today it’s considered a natural phase in a woman’s life. Yes we’ve come a long way but there is still more to go.

What will we share with our daughters so that they may witness and honour the sacred journey of womanhood through every phase of their life? From menarche to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and beyond and that being a woman is a mystery and a marvel.menopause what my mother never told meSo on reflection some of our mothers thought that menopause was simply the end of your periods uninformed and bewildered by the chaos going on in their mind, body and spirit. They may have whispered to themselves that they are going through ‘the change of life’ unaware of how to connect to their own inner wisdom.


Can we share with our daughters that our mothers were right, that menopause is the change of life and to encourage our daughters to ask to what and how? To seek out a health ally to support their physical body. To gather tools for self-enquiry and mentors to help explore their changing psyche and embody their wisdom.

Some of our mothers thought it socially inappropriate to mention the ‘M’ word even to their closest friend.


Can we share with our daughters that menopause is no longer ‘secret women’s business’ and is a journey no woman should deny or do alone? Share how nurturing it is to gather soul sisters to lighten the challenges that this transition can bring and to have them inspire you.menopause what my mother never told me Some of our mothers thought menopause symptoms were something you suffered in silence while putting on a brave face, unaware of the creative power menopause brings.  They just sucked it up!


Can we share with our daughters that their menopause symptoms are body messengers from Mother Nature that invite them to reflect, restore and reinvent themselves for their second adulthood.

menopause is about transformationSome of our mothers thought that menopause was all about loss; loss of fertility, beauty, recognition and creativity as society ushered her into old age.


Can we share with our daughters that menopause is not about loss it’s about gain? It’s a time of transformation; time to let go of your old story, re-juice and embrace this next exciting phase of life.

celebrate menopauseSome of our mothers did not know how to navigate being a woman beyond child- bearing years or understand that menopause was a rite of passage worth sharing with their daughters.


Can we share with our daughters the biological journey of womanhood in all its significance; from Menarche, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Menopause and beyond because being a woman is worth celebrating!

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