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Menopause – the second fertility

In this post I share how menopause is a time in a women’s life where she gives “birth to herself.” It’s her second fertility where she becomes more of who she is, fertile in potential, new ideas and self-expression as she labours and nurtures her way through this phase.

Many of us appreciate that menopause is a mysterious and powerful time when a woman may feel like years go by with endings and wonder if there are new beginnings, feeling stuck in this land of the in-between. Perhaps life however has taught you that every significant phase may hold a sense of uncertainty, discomfort before the gifts are realized.

It is in this land of the in-between that we are invited to explore what is brewing within, haunted by the questions, who am I, what do I want and how do I get there?

Marian Van Eyk McCain talks about menopause being a homeward journey into self-contemplation. Many of you may be asking, “Who has time for self, let alone contemplation?”

Somehow our body grabs our attention. Our biology is telling us something, not because we are unwell or in any way inadequate but because we are in a process of change (mind, body, spirit). Alchemy is going on, hormones are changing and so are you.

If we likened menopause to pregnancy we may remember how consuming it felt. We needed time to rest & nest, unclutter and take care of ourselves so we could birth well. It was a sacred time where we involuntarily went inward and instinctively conserved energy for the new life. We simply allowed Mother Nature to work her magic.

As women in our menopausal transition we are reminded that we are symbolically pregnant? The gift of menopause beyond its chaos and discomfort gives birth to our new emerging self. Embrace this with compassion and surprise welcoming its fertility.

Menopause is the metaphoric labour of birthing your potential and possibility for the next phase of your life. Let’s midwife the journey together at our next workshop.