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The weekend workshop was a supported sisterhood led by two of the most extraordinary, wise, playful and nurturing women I have met. Carla and Amelia, you elevate menopause to its proper status as an honoured transition. Changing the conversation around menopause and the meaning we attach to it as modern day women. Assisting us to redefine or re-frame menopause into a positive time of profound power and transformation. You held a safe space for each of us to be heard and witnessed. Playing with the little girl in us, nurturing the tired mother and celebrating the wisdom of the powerful elder…You have shared and tools to support and navigate the change, preparing us to come into our true beauty and wisdom. The second adulthood in which we get to live ripe, juicy, authentic and creative lives!
Blessings and gratitude.

Patti A

A beautiful, soulful, nurturing weekend. Carla and Amelia facilitate a very informative, well needed reframe of this powerful time in a womans life. They are masters at creating a beautiful, safe space for women to share and care for each other. Thank you beautiful ladies.

Deborah A

A beautiful nurturing weekend, full of good information, practical ideas and transformative wisdom, thank you Carla and Amelia

Sandi M

It was fabulous!!! The workshop so supportive, informative and fun with the women who ran it so compassionate, engaging and great at what they do. Time for everyone to share experiences and no one cut off. It was heart warming and so enlightening. I highly recommend this workshop for women to truly learn about their transition into their second adulthood, learning you are no alone, not crazy and embracing the changes.

Pam O

Such an informative and insightful weekend – both Carla and Amelia shared so generously, creating lots of real space for us to explore the real essence of a all womens journeys

Sia H

Amelia and Carla are dynamic facilitators who offered a fresh voice that blended facts with ancient wisdom in a creative, informative and nurturing way.

They created a portal for understanding the transformative experience of menopause and I left with a wonderful reframe to move forward with a deeper understanding of myself.

Marcella Reiter, Ed. Consultant, Author, Psychologist
I have just completed an enlightening and uplifting Conscious Menopause VIP day with Amelia and Carla. I got more out of this one day event than all the books and doctors advice put together. I wished I had found out about it earlier.  Apart from learning how to manage menopause symptoms, I was reminded just how important it is to honour and respect myself as a woman entering another stage in my life. I chose to dedicate a day to ME, away from my frantically busy life and I am so happy I made that choice. I realised that just because I was entering “a more mature age”, it doesn’t mean life is downhill from here, quite the opposite in fact. I left Carla and Amelia feeling invigorated, inspired and with the knowledge and tools I needed to take the next step in my life.
Kerry Williams, So Unusual Gifts & Homewares
Carla and Amelia led an intimate and dynamic workshop for a gathering of women friends in my home, to explore the experience of menopause. They are knowledgeable and generous facilitators, able to hold the space for the many questions and emotions around menopause. I gained understanding about my symptoms and came away feeling invigorated by a vision of possibilities that this stage of life holds. I started to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
Monica Varga, Visual Arts Specialist, Yoga Teacher