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We are twin sisters who have shared most of our professional life together developing a variety of businesses with the focus being social inclusion and living one’s full potential.

We’ve often been considered by others as social innovators and change agents.  We are keen believers in the face-to-face group experience to build connection and shift consciousness.

This has been passionately expressed through our work as educators, authors, art therapists, workshop and women’s circle facilitators having worked both nationally and internationally.

Personally: Our story, little different- a little the same

We have lived through our menopause differently, sharing symptoms, frustrations, confusion, exhaustion, yearnings and dreams. During this time we found ourselves reflecting deeply on life (sometimes forced by circumstances and yes there were ups and downs and many unknowns). This was against a backdrop of dealing with empty nest, reinventing the marriage, ageing parents, downsizing the family home, dealing with health issues and career change.

In hindsight and as art therapists working with women we came to know that menopause is a woman’s best kept SECRET if she is conscious of what is going on. We became convinced that menopause is about living the change rather than fighting the change, where a woman can no longer hold back the tide or live life as it once was.

The questions we explored were:

  • How do we navigate being a woman beyond child-bearing years?
  • What does it mean to be an older woman in a youth orientated culture?
  • Why does society dismiss or mock menopause as a significant time in a woman’s life?
  • Why don’t we honour and celebrate this archetypal female experience?

These questions fueled our ‘quest.’

It’s our biology urging us to change –that’s what’s meant to happen, our symptoms are our constant reminders.

As women we are meant to create- and menopause is our invitation to use this life force to create and nourish a new self for the next phase of our life.

We want you to know that menopause is:

  • Not about loss, it’s about gain
  • A rite of passage that no woman should deny or do alone
  • Your chance to awaken deeper wisdom
  • Your chance to reject the stereotypes around menopause and ageing
  • Your time for reinvention, revitalisation and recognition

Our Conscious Menopause workshops provide the soul medicine to help you live the change consciously and creatively. We know that when women come together to share their life experience without judgment transformation is not only possible it’s inevitable.

And no other time is more potent with possibility than menopause.

At this point you maybe be wanting to know How We Can Help?

Amelia & Carla

Amelia has had a rich and varied career as a health and fitness center manager, Special Education consultant, art therapist, women’s circle facilitator, project worker and facilitator with Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria.

Her published books on bullying and social skills co-authored with her sister Carla has taken her overseas to consult in international schools and her interest in community health has given her the opportunity to deliver dementia training in Nepal.

Her wish is to inform and support women creatively transition through menopause with insight, grace and empowerment and to do this with her twin sister Carla.

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Carla has combined her skills of Special Education, Art Therapy, and writing in a creative and informative way to meet the work she has done in schools, welfare and training organisations, women’s refuges and as a women’s circle facilitator. She also co-facilitates in delivering training modules for ARTPA (Arts and Psychotherapy Australia).

Her wish is to shift consciousness around menopause and give it the dignity it deserves.

With her twin sister she enjoys creating a feminine sanctuary to provide the soul medicine required for a woman to transition menopause meaningfully.

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