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Conscious Menopause Workshops

Your journey. Your choice. Your soul medicine.

Delivered in 4 dynamic ways.

As women we appreciate that your time is precious and your mind maybe full. We understand that you don’t want another head-trip where you have to process lots of information. Our workshops draw together the female biology and the oldest wisdom for women who hunger for more vitality and soulfulness.

We blend the learning experience to include practical tips, research, meditation, soulful discussion, journaling, story and celebration. The balance allows you to ease into the workshops, gain practical strategies, insight  and reconnect with yourself. Women appreciate our warm, inclusive and down-to -earth style set in a nurturing space.

2 Day Workshop

1 Day Workshop

26 th August, 10 am to 5 pm, Habitat in Hawthorn.
AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Conscious Menopause program is not concerned with the ethical issues of using HRT or providing you with a medical model of solutions. We are not a replacement for medical advice. We provide the soul medicine that is missing and offer a complimentary approach. It’s about providing you with knowledge and creative processes to gain insight into the significance of your menopause.