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Private VIP Day

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Private VIP Day

Book yourself in for a full day, either on your own or with a friend.


Our VIP Day has been designed for women who prefer the comfort and privacy of a one to one experience to explore their menopause transition.

As a busy woman you’re in the service of others, juggling the demands of life and possibly feeling depleted. Why not dedicate a day to YOU to listen and reflect on your own needs, desires and the future you wish to create.

We welcome you to an experience where you get to relax, restore, release and be our number one priority in the beautiful sanctuary we provide. It is your time to feel pampered, heard, informed and supported.

Together we explore the challenges, discomforts and the gifts of menopause and the significance it holds for you in shaping this next exciting phase of your life.

During the Conscious Menopause VIP Day you will feel supported to:

  • Rest into receiving knowledge.
  • Understand the unrecognised opportunities of menopause.
  • Feel informed about managing your symptoms and the messages behind them.
  • Receive tools to understand and manage your menopause.
  • Experience what it is to feel visible and valued as a woman.
  • Feel inspired to pioneer this next exciting phase .

We would feel honoured to live the change with you.

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